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Getting help

Although Simply Expenses is designed to be simple and intuitive, it is common to require help if you are a new user or meet a new requirement for the first time.

Support is primarily provided by means of this knowledgebase which presents and ever-growing series of articles to answer the most common ways to accomplish what you set out to do. These are categorised by both subject and role, or can be easily searched. This is generally the first point of reference for all help and support requirements.

A support ticket can be created if the topic has not been discussed or does not satisfactorily answer your concerns. There are a handful of tips that we'd like you to review which will help us support you and provide the most accurate answer to you questions.

Creating tickets

When creating a new ticket, please observe the following:

  • Create a ticket with an appropriate category and priority assigned... not everything is really 'high' priority
  • Be specific about what you need to know and briefly mention things you have already tried
  • Only ask questions that apply to your account and role, as information for other users will be treated as confidential
  • If your question is relating to a manager or accounts department query, the company code and a username must be provided

Also, please remember to be pleasant and courteous which will make the whole support scenario better to use for everyone.

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